Monarch still better than Ryanair, say passengers

Posted on: 06/10/2017

Despite no longer actually existing, a survey has shown that people still have more respect for Monarch Airlines than Ryanair. "Ok, so they've gone bust," said one Monarch passenger, "But at least that's a fairly reasonable excuse for not having any planes turn up to fly us to our destinations. I'd still choose them over Ryanair."

Another said that while not actually being an airline any more did make her think twice, she would still choose them over Ryanair. "Yes they have no planes and no staff and no nothing and whatnot, but I still think I'd go for them over that other lot. At least their website told me to just piss off, we don't exist. O'Learys mob would've fleeced me just for logging in."

In response Ryanair announced a new option on their website whereby customers could request a Monarch aircraft and flight crew for just £7,000 extra, which would then, following airline industry best practice, take the passengers to where they want to go in an aeroplane. "We think it's good value," said O'Leary. If some of our customers want to pay a bit extra for a proper plane and all that then all they need to do is click on the Actual Monarch Plane option and they're in. Happy days."

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