Posted on: 01/08/2018

There have been reports of customers queuing for up to three hours at a time just to get into The Savile Arms pub in Thornhill, following the installation of a Space Invaders machine in its public bar.

Landlord, David Oldfield, told Yorkshire Radio, ‘It’s been incredible. Word seemed to spread around the town like wildfire and before I knew what was happening it was pandemonium. I’m having to ration each customer to just one game a day such is the demand. But I’ll say this, if our pub is anything to go by and these machines catch on, then they are the future, our drink takings have gone through the roof since we leased the machine.’

Worryingly the new console has led to altercations, with the local police being called in to caution David Maloney and Jonathan Ramsden over an argument about the high score, after one switched off the machine to reset it in his favour. Local police, returning from a local domestic call out cautioned both parties and banned them from the Donkey Kong game being installed in The Flat Top ‘at least until I’ve had a go,’ he said.

Meanwhile leader of Thornhill Chamber of Commerce and bar sales, Gaz “the fish man” Mountain, commented: ‘The whole village is excited by the dawning of this new technological age, and these Space Invaders are a just another great reason why people should think about visiting us for a holiday or indeed quality sea food delivered fresh daily.’ However, he stated that rumours of the arrival of a Daley Thompson’s Decathlon console are said to be unfounded.




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