Yorkshire Day

Posted on: 01/08/2018

A year on to the day, literally.


Happy Yorkshire Day!


As a business we’ve at times compared ourselves to our towns premier league team. After a tough year the terriers confirmed their status in the elite.


How then do we compare?


Documented photographs of the team larking about (Yorkshire phrase) this time last year highlighted the excitement we all felt in trying to build a new business whose principles were based on those typically Yorkshire traits of honesty, integrity and hard work.


Like our football counterparts we remain in the elite and we’ve enjoyed some notable victories. In season 2017/2018 we’ve also established two new divisions – Traffic Management and IT as well as building on our core business of manufacturing personnel.


Has it been all plain sailing – hell no! We’ve chased lost causes, missed opportunities, invested in areas we needn’t have. We’ve, as a group learnt a lot. Concentrate on what you know, innovate but don’t reinvent the wheel and try and befuddle people with science. Work hard and be honest to all concerned.


It’s also been a lot of fun.


As we approach the new season our squad is in great shape and better equipt through experience to continue this journey. As opposed to a year ago we’ve a great base of clients, some brilliant applicants and details of our current vacancies cover three (as opposed to one) whiteboards.


Like the Terriers we are gaining a reputation for our tenacity and will to win allied to the ability to produce successful results when required. This season will see us challenge for the champions league places!

"Edward provided a diligent and high-quality service during my job hunting process. Edward is professional, reliable, honest and has a good knowledge of the oil industry. The service he provided was second to none, in that he was always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that my queries were resolved, and that all interested parties would arrive at an agreeable solution. It is my pleasure to recommend Edward to any prospective job seeker or recruiter."

- Wesley Theveraja - BayernGas Norge