Why hedge your bets?

Posted on: 01/09/2017

Whilst driving into work I couldn't help notice the above local business (see pic).

More often than not those that use a service industry tend to stick with the same supplier - be it a taxi firm, a takeaway, supermarket, restaurant or even an employment agency. I myself often fall into this catergory particually when eating out convincing myself that ordering the usual will guarantee some satisfaction as opposed to opting to try something new.  

Better the devil you know?

Go's founding partners have nearly a century of experience between them. As an owner managed business we are under no pressures from above to adopt short term make a quick buck stratergies. It's a fact that we will turn down business if we feel that we will not be able to help. Core to our idealogy is that we are almost part of our clients business working together on short, meduim and long term manpower planning.

A local agency with a national reach. We enjoy over a 98% success rate in terms of positions filled. We're also there to advise, provide market based intelligence and to act as a sounding board for clients and candidates.

 As I type my wife has just called suggesting that we eat out tonight as she has successfully fobbed the kids off to another parent. I will try something different - who knows I may find new favourites.

Go on then! Don't setttle for what could be second best. Call a service provider that believes in longevity of supply and continual internal improvement.

Give Ed and the team a call with your next vacancies. The evidence we have is that you'll be delighted that you did.

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"Edward provided a diligent and high-quality service during my job hunting process. Edward is professional, reliable, honest and has a good knowledge of the oil industry. The service he provided was second to none, in that he was always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that my queries were resolved, and that all interested parties would arrive at an agreeable solution. It is my pleasure to recommend Edward to any prospective job seeker or recruiter."

- Wesley Theveraja - BayernGas Norge